Sunday, November 7, 2010

King of the Castle, house and your heart!

Buster Boo is the King of my Castle, my house and my heart!  He's the first little boy dog I've ever had and he's been such a sweetheart.  He's so loving, spoiled and just about perfect.  He's another inspiration behind a lot of my scrapbooks.  When I go to make new books, I think about how I would want them to look for my own pets.  They continually keep me in ideas with their shenanigans!

This adorable dog bone shaped album is 10x5.  Front of the album says "King of the Castle"  There are 18 pages including front and back.  Your family will cherish this scrapbook for years to come.

Themes include:
  •  My Story
  •  Got Treats?
  •  Dog Tired
  •  Life is Ruff
  • Spoiled Rotten
  •  Walk?
  •  Member of the Family 
  •  Playtime
There is room for wallet sized photos and spots for journaling memories.  Each theme has 2-3 spots for photos. 

Or you can find this scrapbook and others at my website


  1. These are great. What do you make the covers from? Is it paper or metal?

  2. Thank you! It's chipboard covered in patterned paper on one side and cardstock on the other side. The chipboard is thick, like a cereal box. It keeps very well long term!


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